Roberto Fabelo's work is auctioned for 170 thousand dollars

Nioperro, Roberto Fabelo's work auctioned at 170 thousand dollars.
Nioperro, Roberto Fabelo's work auctioned at 170 thousand dollars.
The work of the painter, sculptor and drawer Roberto Fabelo, Nioperro, was auctioned off this Tuesday, February 25, for a price of 170 thousand dollars, at the Melia Habana Hotel, as part of the actions of the XXII edition of the 2020 Havana Habano Festival, an event that will last next Friday, February 28.
The famous Spanish collector Luciano Mendez, as well as the CEO of EBM (Marketing Solutions) Virgilio Cano, and the director of the food company Vima, Victor Moro, participated in the bidding, as well as ambassadors, among other Italian collectors and from different countries.
The money collected from this piece of the National Prize of Plastic Arts (2004) will be destined to the fight against cancer. As is tradition, these funds are used for Cuban public health.
Roberto Fabelo, sighs in art
The plastic arts of Cuba would not be the same without Fabelo's pictorial discourse, without his genius for drawing, sculpture, painting and illustration.
He has been able to capture the beauty of the human with great artistic quality. He is an exquisite creator in technique, a student of detail, of figures, of the perfect combinations that can come out between human and animal figures. He also manages to put us in front of a mirror to look at us individually and as a society.
"It seems that he came into the world with a pencil in his hand," said art critic and curator Llilian Llanes on one occasion.
It is common to think of Fabelo and that his representations of mermaids, bronze sculptures or a woman riding a rooster come to mind, the latter being the male side, virility, the man guided by the female side of life. The visual power of these images is stored in the collective memory of those who know that art is one of the most certain ways to reach happiness.
Published on 26/02/2020