Niels Reyes: It is not a portrait what you see

Return to Nowhere is a story, perhaps a poem, that speaks of this moment in which we live and questions what it will be like afterwards.

El gran despertar-Alberto Lago-Galería Máxima

Virtual exhibition The Great Awakening (September 11th, 2020)

Words from the catalog by the curator Laura Daranas Molina.

Exposición Contrapunto de Juan Suárez Blanco en Galería Máxima.

Third Exhibition Counterpoint (January 17, 2020)

Words from the Contrapunto exhibition catalog, by curator David Mateo.

Inauguration of the exhibition Finale Worlds en Maxima Gallery-Studio

Finale Worlds

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People at the inauguration of Máxima Gallery

Luces, 1ra exposición

In Kant's practical philosophy, as in life, the maxim is a sort of rule or or