Moises Finale: Worlds for a Destiny

Exhibition Finale Worlds in Maxima Gallery-Studio
The exhibition Finale Wolrds will be open to the public for a whole month in Maxima Gallery-Studio.
A kind of visual metaphor where several discourses converge (erotic, theatrical and in which he also offers a second life to common objects), is the proposal of the artist Moises Finale in his next exhibition that will take for a month the space of Maxima Gallery-Studio (Monserrate street, corner of Tejadillo), from Friday 27 September. 
More than 10 works make up the show, which is also a kind of map to discover it in its most heterogeneous essences. As the art critic and curator Nelson Herrera Ysla describes it in the words of the catalogue, Finalé shows itself "oblivious to fashion trends, to the devastating impulses of the market, it constructs a varied universe of artistic proposals in which the materials used appear without shavings or delicacies. Hence his high degree of honesty and frankness. 
The day chosen to inaugurate the exhibition entitled Finalé Mundos is not accidental, the creator will celebrate his birthday surrounded by friends and admirers of his art, but the fundamental thing is that he will offer another proof of his privileged hands and talent to mix cultures, deities, styles, forms and colors, as part of an organic and dynamic whole that is creation itself and its avatars.  
In order to understand the worlds of Finalé it is necessary to enter a little into his life, his travels, his aspirations and his sleeplessness. In his paintings he explores paths linked to the two-dimensional, the three-dimensional, ceramics and other passions. The legacy of masters such as Wifredo Lam, Julio Girona, Jesús G. de Armas and other artists is evident.  
The spectator will be able to see pieces from different years (all from the year 2000), to be read, analyzed and that serve to increase the taste for Cuban art. A constant plurality can be seen in his works, from the very moment he enters through Maxima's door, the formats vary as do the intentions.  
In some paintings different discourses converge where it is more complex to decipher it, while in others the dialogue is more accessible, direct, empathetic. Thus we will see his enigmas, always with the intention of opening the cognitive diapason in the eyes of others and not remain static or look predictable.  
The route to Finalé Mundos is already laid out: Monserrate Street, corner of Tejadillo, Maxima Gallery-Studio is ready to make you grow from Cuban art.