Maxima at first time en Venecia

Invitation of the personal exhibition Final Cuts at the Merati Palace in Venice.
Invitation of the personal exhibition Final Cuts at the Merati Palace in Venice.
After inaugurating our Studio Workshop in Monserrate Street, on the corner of Tejadillo five months ago, Maxima moves from this August 21 to the cradle of the Renaissance, Italy, to participate in the exhibition of Cuban artist Leonardo Salgado, who is part of the catalogue of the Havana gallery.
Final Cuts is the title of the show to be inaugurated on the 31st at 6:00 p.m. (time in Italy) at the Merati Palace in Venice, as part of the Symphonie de Couleurs project, sponsored by the ArtOuverture organization, which promotes little-known contemporary artists at international events. The exhibition will be open to the public during the month of September.
Salgado's proposal is a collection of images of great importance, in which the seventh art is the protagonist in each story. Faces and landscapes known from the universal celluloid arrive with another aesthetic in the eyes of the spectator; multiple glances lead us to a trip to remember laughter, enchantments or sadness experienced from the big screen. 
Giving it a second life rolls of celluloid discarded at first seems easy to achieve, but by decoding the works and observing their attributes, the most elementary details can be transformed into odyssey, either to obtain an image faithful to the original, as well as the fact of structuring the artistic discourse from beginning to end, or as the name of the exhibition suggests, to achieve the precise cut for the perfect end. The more time spent in art, the greater the commitment to its essences.
Since cinema is one of the expressions with great media power today (few escape its commercial boom), Salgado has the challenging mission of generating quality pieces, capable of dazzling the spectator, who is always in search of a visual adventure and even more if it is related to the celluloid.    
In exclusive statements to Maxima, the artist confessed his fundamental motives when it comes to creating: "to transmit ideas and I believe that each idea has an ideal way of concretizing itself. That's why I don't worry about my own formal or thematic styles".
Leonardo Salgado also defines himself as "a person who has not lost the ability to search for everything.