This is how the second exhibition of Maxima Gallery-Studio was seen

Moments of the exhibition of Finale Wolrds in Maxima Gallery-Studio
Moments of the exhibition of Finale Wolrds.

Fourteen works to feel the art of Moises Finale, to decipher it and interpret its essences; fourteen pieces of large and medium dimensions speak of a creator who has drunk from dissimilar cultures in his numerous travels around the world; fourteen paintings that open universes and destinies.
This is how Moises Finale's most recent exhibition entitled Finale Worlds could be defined, open to the public for a month -from this September 27th- in the space of Maxima Gallery-Studio, located in Monserrate Street, corner of Tejadillo (to one side of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuban Art building).
In front of a crowded audience, the artist celebrated his 62nd birthday that day, surrounded by old friends and others he has made during his journey in the plastic arts.


"For Finale, what has been created by man and nature has an unquestionable value (...). When you least imagine it, you add sequins and embroidery to the limits of canvases, or furniture filling material in the form of soft sculptures, or you re-functionalise plastic cubes, knives, fabrics, screws, remains of aged wood as the most natural thing in the world", confesses the critic and curator of the exhibition Nelson Herrera Ysla, in the words of the catalogue.
In this way, the artist shares his knowledge, sleeplessness and love, which could well be translated into common passions, since the visual arts are that bridge, always open, to dream without hesitation.
Pieces such as Insular Sweets, Dont wanna fall or Finding his dream, are seduced from the very first moment by their large dimensions and their unusual poetics. At first glance a mixture between the human (woman) and the animal world is observed, which translates into heads and strange bodies, of easy empathy for the minds that do not let themselves be seduced by the joy and the simple beauty. It is necessary to stop and analyze the works, because Finale opens doors, but the road is full of enigmas.                     


The forest of Havana or 80' Love offers a different visuality. It's dimensions (150 x 350 cm) surprise from the moment any spectator enters through the main door of Máxima.
As in Wifredo Lam's Jungle, a mixture of different kingdoms (animal, vegetable and human) coexist in a harmonious and revealing whole, each painting with its own particular styles. On the other hand, The Monrning has a marked dose of eroticism expressed in the sensuality of the female body and its desires.  
We are close to days to discover the worlds of Moises Finale; this is the proposal of Maxima Gallery-Studio during the month of October, a space that maintains the freshness and the beats of contemporary Cuban art.

Publicado: 30/09/2019