Douglas Perez Castro: "Maxima is a place where magic is made"

The artist of Maxima Douglas Pérez Castro together with the announcer Ángel Ferrera, in Habana Radio.
The artist of Maxima Douglas Pérez Castro together with the announcer Ángel Ferrera, in Habana Radio.
For the first time, Cuban artist Douglas Pérez Castro visited the studios of Habana Radio, in December 2019. The announcer and host of the cultural magazine Paradisso, Angel Ferrera, welcomed the multifaceted creator to talk about his work and, especially, about the activity with two children's homes without filial protection, also carried out in the last month of the year in our Studio-Workshop.
"Maxima is a place where magic is made", said Pérez Castro. "Not only does it absorb the creative work of various artists, but it also interacts with the community".
Regarding people's first approaches to the visual arts, the painter assures that "sometimes art is a bit intimidating for people who feel they have not had training or because of simple ignorance. Especially children have the gift of perceiving frankness, because art is teaching, it also cures, heals and enriches. In a way, this is what this activity for children is all about: deconsecrating art and making it more human, closer to us.
As part of the dialogue in Paradisso, Pérez Castro recalled his years as a teacher at the Instituto Superior de Arte, in the painting department, a manifestation with which he has given certain proofs of his talent. Douglas masters several discourses at once without repeating or boring himself, without superiority other than that of challenging himself and time.
"My work addresses, from a humorous perspective, the context of history. My paintings have a certain flavour of the past, with a touch of humour that is expressed in the titles, evoking 19th century manners painting".  
In the same way, the creator appropriates another type of futuristic figuration, somewhat aligned. It gives the sensation of being in one of those dreams that impact by its strong content and its power to shake. One of his successes is to bring to the painting expected images, but it is not a conscious and formal wait, but rather those desires that are hidden like an iceberg in the human mind waiting to be satisfied.
For the viewer to analyze with his own opinion, we leave you with some of Pérez Castro's works, in which he expresses that alienated and futuristic vision.