Juan Suárez Blanco opens the first exhibition of 2020 at Máxima

Contrapunto-exposición-Juan Suárez Blanco-Máxima Gallery-2020
Counterpoint is the title of Juan Suárez Blanco's exhibition with which Maxima receives this 2020.
Maxima Gallery-Studio has chosen Juan Suárez Blanco, an acclaimed creator of abstract and conceptual art, to open its 2020 exhibition season.
Counterpoint is the name of the personal exhibition of the also sculptor and pedagogue to be inaugurated in our space next Friday, January 17, from 5:00 p.m., in which his pieces made between the last five and six years will be shown. Works of large and small format, with very different qualities and essences, will have the viewer before his eyes. An expectant journey, from which countless questions will arise, is the proposal for those who visit the space located on Monserrate Street, on the corner of Tejadillo (to one side of the National Museum of Fine Arts, Cuban art building).
"The exhibition was something I had pending, to unify in one space several moments of my work, apparently contradictory by themes, by ways of doing, but that have to do with the musical turn I want to make", confesses the artist to Maxima, who adds: "the word counterpoint has to do with the language of music. I want my work to have that spirit, to interweave things, to create controversies, to challenge each other, in the end they all have a common thread".
It is an art full of sacrifices, where Suárez Blanco has bled in the creative process itself, he recalls in the interview. A piece of himself is hidden in each of the pieces, always with the idea of leaving them with a life of their own, in other words, that they grow by themselves. That level of exquisiteness is translated, as is logical, into a refined, elegant work, where it is difficult to find any flaws.
Man and inspiration dialogue in the world of the senses, in the ability to give a second life to common objects in order to perfect them, to relocate them in an artistic discourse with a privileged position. On other occasions, the intention is different, to quiet the mind, to lead it along the paths of introspection, in search of the silence that we need and sometimes ignore.
With a vocation for craftsmanship, the author of Moon and The wounded hill (pieces that you can see in Counterpoint), with no other purpose than to demand himself, has put before us the visual challenge of finding subtle connections, in the midst of an abstract language with sharp objects in between, undulations linked to the cosmic world, to the earthly, to the corporeal, in the end, the senses are a framework for new experiences.  
Friday, January 17, 5:00 p.m., opening of Juan Suárez Blanco's personal exhibition Counterpoint.
More from the artist
Juan Suárez Blanco (Artemisa 1953) graduated in Visual Arts in 1991 and is a member of Uneac. He is the founder of the School of Art Restoration Workshop in Pinar del Río, province where he has lived for decades. Parallel to his professional career, he has also worked as a teacher, in the middle and upper levels of artistic education, teaching the subjects of visual arts, design and history of art. His work has been exhibited in Spain, Germany, the United States, Italy and other countries. He has also participated in several provincial salons where he has received ten awards from 1983 to 1993, among other recognitions for the quality of his work.
Published 13/01/2020