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Moments of the exhibition of Finale Wolrds in Maxima Gallery-Studio

This is how the second exhibition of Maxima Gallery-Studio was seen

Fourteen pieces with different poetics each is the proposal of the exhibition Finale Mundos, available until 27 September in the space of Maxima Gallery-Studio.

Exhibition Finale Worlds in Maxima Gallery-Studio

Moises Finale: Worlds for a Destiny

Finale Mundos is the title of the new exhibition that hosts Maxima Gallery-Studio from 27 September and for a whole month, to enjoy the best of the work of Moises Finale.

Invitation of the personal exhibition Final Cuts at the Merati Palace in Venice.

Maxima at first time en Venecia

The artist Leonardo Salgado, a member of the del catalogue of Máxima Gallery, be exposing his personal exhibition Final Cuts at the Merati Palace in Venice.

Leonardo Salgado, cuban artist.

Leonardo Salgado: "I don't worry about formal styles"

The visual artist Leonardo Salgado offers details of his most recent work focused on the production of works with film tapes.

Lights, first exhibition in Maxima Gallery-Studio

"Lights" to living cuban art

The exhibition Lights lets open the Gallery-Studio on April 11, 2019, with a collective exhibition of five talented young and established artists.

Moments of the opening of Maxima Gallery-Studio

Maxima , the showcase of Tejadillo street

Moments about the first exhibition of Luces, in Maxima Gallery-Studio