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Juan Suárez Blanco en Máxima Estudio-Taller

Juan Suárez Blanco: "I have the soul to keep fighting" (I)

Exclusive interview with the artist Juan Suárez Blanco about his personal exhibition Counterpoint to be inaugurated at Maxima Gallery-Studio, next Friday, January 17, from 5:00 p.m.

Contrapunto-exposición-Juan Suárez Blanco-Máxima Gallery-2020

Juan Suárez Blanco opens the first exhibition of 2020 at Máxima

Works by the artist that go into the abstract and conceptual art can be seen from this Friday January 17 in our Studio Workshop, located in Monserrate Street, on the corner of Tejadillo.

The artist of Maxima Douglas Pérez Castro together with the announcer Ángel Ferrera, in Habana Radio.

Douglas Perez Castro: "Maxima is a place where magic is made"

Exclusive interview by Douglas Pérez Castro on Habana Radio, the Cuban radio station known as the Voice of Cuban Heritage.

Niños en Máxima Estudio-Taller diciembre 2019

Children in Máxima: Art from Innocence

At the end of the year our Gallery-Studio wanted to change its representative exhibition routine of the space dedicated to promote what is most valuable and shines of the contemporary Cuban art.

Actividad con niños-La Farmacia-Maxima Estudio-Taller

Máxima opens its doors to children

A day dedicated to children will take place this Saturday, December 28, with various activities that combine visual arts with healthy entertainment.

Exhibition A Trip There and Back, in the contemporary art centre of Spain DA2.

Ten museums in Spain are interested in hosting an exhibition of Cuban art

Since its opening to the public last October, A Trip There and Back, has been visited by more than 5,000 people, who have come to see this exhibition, owned by Spanish Cuban art collector Luciano Mendez.

Douglas Pérez Castro, en entrevista con Máxima.

Douglas Pérez Castro, an art fanatic

Second part of the interview with Douglas Pérez Castro in Maxima Gallery-Studio

Douglas Pérez Castro, in interview with Maxima.

Douglas Pérez Castro, between traditional painting and utopia (I)

Exclusive interview with artist Douglas Pérez Castro from our Gallery-Studio