Children in Máxima: Art from Innocence

Niños en Máxima Estudio-Taller diciembre 2019
The activity with the children is part of the social project of Maxima Gallery-Studio
A first experience with the little ones of the Pinar del Río Pharmacy project was successful enough to open, this December 28th, once again the doors to childhood, with a group of children coming from homes without parental care, located in the municipalities of Diez de Octubre and Guanabacoa.
From the entrance, the kids were fascinated by the magic and colors of the little clown Floretita, who offered a show where there was no lack of dancing, children's music, countless laughs and of course, the company of other emblematic story characters as part of the presentation.
On the back wall, there was the principle that distinguishes Maxima in bright colors: More Love By Intuition More Art. The creator Douglas Pérez Castro was in charge of drawing the idea that governs our social objective: we promise an impressive journey with the plastic arts of Cuba, through a catalogue of excellence where a marriage between established artists and talented young people appears.
During the activity, the children had total freedom to jump around, paint their faces as they pleased and, most importantly, the possibility of interacting with Cuban art, of seeing with their own eyes the works of Manuel Mendive, Roberto Fabelo, Moisés Finalé and others. Naturally, at first you will only see simple paintings hanging on the wall, some more striking than others because of their tonalities, but your eyes already had a first contact, a pleasant approach with a poetic on the high carat canvas. It is our grain of sand at that wonderful age that are the first years of life.
On behalf of Maxima Gallery-Studio, the directors of the two houses, Margarita González Barrios (from Guanabacoa) and Marisela Rodríguez López (from Diez de Octubre) received an allegorical work from José Martí, which will embellish the walls of these homes. The apostle of the independence of Cuba marked the way for those who dedicate themselves to beautify the world through creativity, another of the principles that for its validity identify our work: "What is art if not the shortest way to reach the triumph of truth?".